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Liz Wilis 10/9/2017
My goodness- Where to begin? My family has purchased from Dorman Dodge for 3+ generations now. My grandfather purchased his cars, my parents, and now all my siblings drive a car from Dorman! (Also: my Boyfriend from Brazil purchased from them. He couldn't believe their service and that they were willing to drive to Alabama to deliver the car). I have owned 3 cars from Dorman. My second was a challenger that was totaled in a horrific wreck. I was in college in Auburn, Al (3.5 hours) and I was hurt, scared, and had no car. Dorman dodge DROVE ME A CAR TO USE. I was very particular on my budget and what I wanted and I drove their car until they found a replacement. (I wanted basically an identical challenger to the totaled one) So they found my replacement, installed navigation and leather seats, and DROVE (AGAIN) to bring it to me in Auburn, AL. I never had to miss a class. And the price was as fair as it gets. So basically we absolutely love them and you won't see any member of my 7 person family at another dealership for generations to come. Purchase Date : 10/05/2017

Maryann 11/17/2016
I have brought a lot of cars in my lifetime but never have I been a peace of mind throughout my buying experience and ownership of the car. Even after I've purchased vehicles (get it more than one)....if there was any type of problem day or night I can always reach Mechelle or Mr. Dorman on their work phone or personal phones. I don't have alot of people I can depend on so this is truly a blessing.

Charles 11/17/2016
Been there for work with five cars over 15 yrs....They tell you what is wrong and ...they fix your car . ..great service department

Dave 11/17/2016
Ronnie Dorman is a people person and a pleasure to do business with and to know him as a friend.

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